6 Hot Hairstyles From Recent Movies

By Jaclyn Baker


When we go to the movies a few things periodically go through our mind…

1) I love this actress.

2) Wow this scenery is beautiful.

3) What's that actor's name again?

Oh, I almost forgot the most important one.

How do I recreate this character’s hairstyle!?



Movies are a fantastic source to find new makeup, fashion and hair inspiration. 


Tweaking a Style to Fit You:

Yes, the exact hairstyle you stumble across in a movie may not exactly fit your lifestyle.

The good news is all hairstyles can be slightly altered to suit you if done the right way and with the right help!

This post is going to cover 6 hot hairstyles from our favourite movies that you can easily recreate with the help of your stylist.

Movie #1 - Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell


Her look in this movie is similar to a stacked bob - longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Notice how we said similar!

Certain hairstyles are so unique that simply saying the typical given name may not do it justice.

How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Create a stacked bob except leave the front 3-4 inches of hair long.

  • Cut the bangs to stop just above the eyebrows.

  • Sweep and style the bangs to the side.  

  • Cut the front 3-4 inches of hair so it stops a few inches past the ears.

  • Style the front long pieces of hair in messy waves.

  • Add hairspray where needed.

Expert Tip:

We all have that friend with hair we just envy!

Ask your friend exactly how she guides her stylist and request the same thing.

Movie #2 Cynthia Nixon in A Quiet Passion

We absolutely love how chic Cynthia looks in this movie.

This hairstyle would be perfect to rock when you want to showcase your earrings or top since the hair is perfectly tucked away.

How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Blow dry hair straight.

  • Start with 2 low pigtail braids that begin just above the ear.

  • Tie the braids with clear elastic bands and add bobby pins where needed.

  • Take the left braid and wrap it across the bottom of your head to the right.

  • Take the right braid and wrap it across the bottom of your head to the left.

  • The final look should have the braids crossing over one another in the back.

  • Apply hairspray and bobby pins as needed to keep the look in place.


Expert Tip:

If at any point during your hair appointment you see the look going in the wrong direction, communicate your feelings to your stylist so it can be fixed quickly.


Movie #3 – Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast


The next look is Emma Watson in the famous Beauty and the Beast.

Her hairstyle on the movie poster is a very popular look among bridesmaids.

It gets your hair out of your face in a subtle flirty way, but also allows your beautiful long hair to shine.


How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Give the bottom section of hair the slightest most natural looking waves.

  • Style the hair into a symmetrical side part.

  • Pull the front sections of hair into a low half updo. (Can be put in place with bobby pins or a clear elastic).

  • Casually pull out a few hairs to frame the face.

  • Add hairspray and bobby pins as needed to keep the look in place.

Movie #4 - Janelle Monae in Hidden Figures


Janelle Monae killed it in Hidden Figures. She played character Mary Jackson and we loved every minute of it.

Surprise surprise, especially her hair.

This hairstyle specifically would be great for attending a dinner party or a show.


How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Wash and blow-dry the hair straight.

  • Go over the pieces that need some extra help with a straightener

  • Create very big but still tight curls facing downwards - no flip here!

  • Take any type of hair gel to make the front pieces of hair stay perfectly in place. This look is very clean.

  • Add hairspray and bobby pins as needed.


Expert Tip:


Anytime your stylist uses a product they love take note of it so you can buy it and use it at home.


Movie #5 – Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon 


This hairstyle is screaming red carpet or even music festival.

Expert Tip:

Have short hair? No problem!  You can easily put in clip in hair extensions.


How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Wash and blow dry hair straight.
  • Teez hair to add volume.
  • Put hair into 2 equal sections and create pigtail braids.
  • Don't forget to use clear hairbands so they blend in.
  • Wrap both pigtails around to top of your head so they create a "crown" shape.
  • Pull out baby hairs and random small pieces of hair in the front and back for a messy vibe.
  • Give the pulled out hairs a slight curl for some personality.
  • Apply bobby pins and hairspray as needed.


Movie #6 - Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman


This hairstyle is similar to the last one mentioned but is a little more creative since it has a few more braids added.

How To Guide Your Stylist:

  • Add clip in extensions. (Optional)

  • Add waves/curls to random sections of hair for a messy casual vibe.

  • Split the hair into 2 equal sections.


Right Side:

  • On the right side add 2 low braids.

  • Purposefully make the braids slightly different sizes.

Left Side:

  • Do the exact same thing on the left side.

Red Side:

  • Take one of the braids and wrap it around the left side of your head closer to the forehead.

  • Follow up with the remaining braid and put it slightly above the first one.

Left Side:

  • Repeat

Final Touches:

  • Pull out baby hairs.

  • Lightly stretch the braids for a thicker, messier look.

  • Add bobby pins and hairspray as needed.

Expert Tip:


If you are blessed with a thick head of hair take advantage of it by adding even more braids to your look.

And for days you are feeling extra creative go all out and add a crown.


Expert Tip: Use Your Phone!

Save photos of hairstyles that inspire you on your phone to show to your stylist.

This way there is no need to worry about misunderstandings.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite hairstyles from our favourite movies.

The next time you visit your stylist with a specific look in mind we hope our tips can help guide you.

We always love hearing from you. Leave us a comment or send a message sharing which of the following hairstyles you love the most!