Solaris Hair Salon: Serving Willow Grove and Greater Philadelphia community for 20 years

Our History & Our Story

Solaris Hair Salon has been serving the greater Philadelphia area for 2 decades.

This photograph from 1947 shows our salon and the then salon’s owner is performing a haircut. After the salon owner passed away, his wife sold the business to Albert and became his landlord in 1996.

Albert’s dedication to this salon and the local area community is evident through his eventual purchase of the building in 2004 and extensive renovations he made to it, as seen in this photograph.

The now-owner Albert and his wife Elena lead a team of highly qualified and local stylists at Solaris Hair Salon today.

Solaris in Willow Grove Today

Albert has always felt connected to his local community through his clients.

Throughout the years he has serviced many of military personnel from the Willow Grove Naval Base while it was open. Each spring, local students from Upper Merion School District and several others come to get their hair styled during prom season where Albert and Elena make every prince and princesses dreams come true.

The Solaris stylists even make house calls for their long-time loyal customers when they grow too old to come to the salon but still want to be styled and get their regular dose of friendly 'barber shop conversation'. One long term client who received such care from Elena, continued to request it through her 90s and up until her death. Albert several times has even made hospital calls for his long-time clients that were too old and sick to come to the salon. The regular clientele is much more like old friends, or even family, to Albert and Elena.

As the neighborhood around the salon changes over the years, and new businesses open up in Willow Grove, PA, new clients come and new ties to the community are formed. With new restaurants in the vicinity like Zoe’s Kitchen and Grub Burger Bar, their managers, crew members, and patrons start coming to the salon and become embedded in the community Solaris Hair Salon is a part of.

The Willow Grove SEPTA station within walking distance from the salon brings patrons from across the Philadelphia area, and even the world. Local attractions often draw visitors and tourists to the area via train, and Solaris Hair Salon is often a welcoming place for guests to get directions or advice on the best place to grab a bite.

Once, Albert even drove a foreign tourist down to the Keswick Theater when she couldn’t find her way. She had arrived from Japan and taken the train out to Willow Grove to travel on foot to the concert. After asking several passersby for directions and only receiving rude responses, she came upon Albert at Solaris Hair Salon who helped her to her concert. Weeks later, Albert received a box from Tokyo in the mail full of Japanese cookies - a thank you token for being kind to a stranger.

Solaris Hair Salon has become a fixture in the Philadelphia suburbs for more than just men’s and women’s haircuts. Companionship and neighborly love all come complimentary with your visit.