Solaris Hair Salon

The Heart of our Business

Every effort we’ve made over the years has been carried out with you and the rest of our clients in mind.

We have great stylists who create exceptional results at competitive prices, and we’re striving to foster a friendly and hospitable environment for our patrons and their families.

Our massive and growing clientele tells a compelling story without needing to say a word. Our Willow Grove location draws our friends like a magnet from across the sprawling Greater Philadelphia Region, their faithful patronage has earned our undying gratitude.

We’re pushing ourselves to keep up with every trend - technological and social, because we know you’re out for the best possible service, results and value in a hairstyle… who isn’t?

Something Big in the Works

Solaris Hair Salon may have modest dimensions but it’s big where it counts, as in a big welcome and a warm greeting each time you flatter us with your presence.

More and more folks find something of value here - creative, top quality hair design for sure, but also Sunless Tanning for those so inclined, and the most recent addition - massage services by an award winning massage therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Please ask about our new services when you speak with your stylist.

Like a sports champion’s’ bandwagon… there is always room for more on board and it’s always good to belong. When you get all this to go along with looking great, it’s easy to see why so many keep choosing Solaris!

We have many more changes coming up soon at the Solaris Hair Salon: various calls for models and photoshoots plus other family-friendly events, with coupons and other giveaways.

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The owners:

Albert, men's master -

Albert was born in the USSR, in the city of Tashkent, and became a barber at the age of 17.

As Albert recalls, back in the old days everything was government business:

“We were practitioners right out of the gate. When one becomes a barber you get to wipe the floor on the first day, and start cutting the hair on the second. It’s a sink-or-swim approach.”

Once Albert was faced with the task of giving haircuts to 200 soldiers from the nearby military base, they’d shown up without prior notice. He did the job in an hour and a half with an impatient drill sergeant yelling at him to speed up.

Albert used three low-quality East German-made clippers which quickly overheated, so he had to keep switching units. If he had the clipper he has now he’d have done all 200 of them in a third of the time, well...that may be stretching things a bit!

After moving to the U.S. Albert worked in three different barber shops, absorbing all the new styling skills like a sponge.

After eight years he started his own business. In 1996 he bought the place in Willow Grove, PA and that's how Solaris got its start. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of people, many are now friends. Our list of ‘regulars’ numbers about 400.

Several who started coming as children now bring their own children. Three of Albert’s employees have gone on to open salons of their own - one in Manhattan, one in Quince, NY and one in Philadelphia's suburbs.

When not making people pretty, Albert enjoys creating art as a sculptor; music is another of his passions. While in the salon, you can listen to beautiful music while [briefly] waiting for your turn to get pretty.

Elena, lead women's master, Albert’s wife

Elena was also born in the USSR, and fulfilled her childhood ambition by becoming a hairdresser at the age of 16. She completed a two-year term at the country’s only hairdressing institute by studying in the daytime and working by night. The school’s styling services were in such demand there was a one-month wait for an appointment.

Graduating with honors, Elena moved to the U.S. with Albert in 1988 and worked as a hairstylist in several local salons in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown.

Since launching Solaris Hair Salon with Albert she's built an awesome following as lead women’s stylist, catering to the needs of many patrons including 200 who ask for her exclusively.

Elena likes to travel, making annual visits to relatives in Greece and Germany. She’s also been to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

Holding the Line

In spite of ongoing innovations to our attentive service, our fees have been kept in check as we’re well aware of your bottom line. We continue to emphasize value as a core component in what we offer.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Thank you for visiting our site, and please feel free to add a comment or question about our hairstyling service.

If you have any questions, just use our contact form (at the bottom of the page) to send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We love what we do and the location we’re privileged to do it in.

Above all, we love our customers! See you soon!