Ariana Grande: The girl with a… ponytail

By Izabella Ghantarjyan

Updated in June 2016 - The ponytail is still on!

Are you wondering how Ariana's signature high pony style will look on you? Come to the salon and try! We will help you in every step of the way. Our specialists know how to recreate this updo in every single tiny detail.

When speaking of famous people (celebrities, in general) and their looks, we must always remember one thing: every famous person has one look that is, in a way, his or her brand.

In other words, it’s the makeup, dress, costume, or hairdo by which that person is recognized and remembered through time.

With most people, it is something extravagant, catchy, or sharp but with this girl it’s all about being glam and simple at the same time.


Ariana Grande is still mostly remembered as the crazy-in-a-good-way artsy girl Cat from the famous teen show “Victorious”.

For years, Ariana was all about the cute crazy and red locks. She was this way for me mostly because that is how I first saw her and how I liked her.

BTW, I also wore this shade of red some time ago and let me tell you, it’s not easy to keep and take care of. 

So, bravo to this little teen queen for keeping it up for so many years.


But it’s been some time since the show ended and Ariana changed too.

First, she grew up and became this amazing young woman and solo singer.

The same goes about her style. Ariana switched her hair color to brown and started wearing this half-up/half-down ponytail, which almost instantly became her signature hairdo.

It’s also the look Ariana presented in her latest work on TV, in the absurd-in-a-good-way, funny horror show “Scream queens”.

Isn’t it glam and chic and glossy and at the same time...

doesn’t it look so simple and effortless?

Yes, it may seem easy to double Ariana’s iconic hair but I assure you it is not.

This hairstyle is time-consuming and there are a few tricky moments that are essential for the look to be perfect.

If you want it and you really are up for it, you need to be very scrupulous.



However, please, don’t deviate from the plan just because it’s harder than it looks.

We will help you in every step of the way. Our specialists know how to recreate this updo in every single tiny detail.

All you have to do is make an appointment and our stylists will take care of the rest. Not only will they do your hair in the exact same way, but they will also help you with the Ariana make-up, suggest coloring options if you like to add some shades, and tell you how to preserve it longer.

Ok, so yes, this may be a bit more difficult than you’d expect and require serious patience, but it’s worth the effort.

This hairstyle is perfect for parties, romantic dinners, weddings, or prom night. It can be tried in several variations with various make-up and dresses which will create an amazing yet different look every time.



Ari keeps surprising her fans. First, she goes all blonde and, I mean - like silver, Lucius Malfoy kinda blonde for one music video, “Focus,” somewhere in October last year.



Then she kicks off this year with her long brown hair completely unleashed on the audience for another video



Just look at these wavy locks. March at its end was dangerously hot, don’t you agree? She is just so… GORGE!



And when we thought that Ariana is going to stick to the new look, at least for some time, she made a nice and unexpected comeback at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, appearing with her signature hair – half up/half down ponytail.

Well, I guess - some looks ARE for keeping.

Stay with us for more updates.

Just see how good it looks on Ariana one more time and do not hesitate to call us.