Hair News Report: International Women's Day, The Oscars, Spring 2016 Hair Trends, Ariana vs Kim

By Izabella Ghantarjyan


8th Of March - the International Women’s Day



The 8th of March, International Women’s Day, is an important holiday not only for men but also a memorable day for women, who take a break from being the housewife, businesswoman, or any other role they take on themselves during the remaining 364 days to dress, do their nails, makeup, and of course make their hair look perfect for their men and the surprises they will be receiving - be it just a quiet family dinner at home or a table in an intimate restaurant just for two.

Now, suppose, you have decided what to wear, which purse to take, how much and in what tone makeup to apply, but you still need to do something with your hair.

Fortunately, today there are many options. You just need to pick something and stick to it.

Do not forget about personal and general factors, like the time. If you don’t have much time, you can still do something nice with your hair without much effort.

For example, you can wash the hair, blow dry it, and do a ponytail. Perhaps even a loose braid. Simple, almost effortless, and beautiful.

If you’re not in a hurry and want a more complicated and time consuming hairdo, you can always consult the Internet. You will not believe how many tutorials there are out there to help you with the tough choice. Such as videos that will advise on an elegant do based on hair color, length, and even thickness.

Of course, if you don’t want to lose yourself in hundreds of videos and written instructions, you can always take the third option and let the stylist do all the work for you, while you relax in the chair.

One thing for sure, the 8th of March is the busiest day not only for florists but for hairdressers and stylists as well. The hair salons are always swamped, so make sure you take an appointment beforehand.



The Oscars


The Oscars - is… well, almost one of the most important events of the year in the movie-TV industry. While we always wait to see who gets the award, there is another angle to be excited about. Yes, I am talking about the Red Carpet, the dresses and... the hair. All the photographs and videos are taken for two reasons. To highlight the event aka to do your job and to later discuss and gossip about the hairdos on actors, actresses, directors, etc. Every year the Oscars ceremony becomes memorable for some small or shocking event, like, Jennifer Lawrence tripping or Dicaprio finally getting the award after so many years. YAY, btw.

But let’s get back to the hair. I have selected five looks to top the charts:

  1. Rachel McAdams - It’s not just me, it’s everyone talking about the cutie in green. Oh, Rach may not have gotten the award in her nomination but she totally rocked as a style figure. A perfect example of elegance and chic in just a few simple steps.
  2. Daisy Ridley - The lovable and amazing girl. She took that knotted bun to a whole new level. Simple and “Star wars”-y. Definitely, a winner!
  3. Saoirse Ronan - Yeah, that nice little girl from “The Lovely Bones” has grown a bunch. Her “Oscars” look was both lovely and a statement saying, “I am a grown woman now”.
  4. “Star wars” is soo trendy again. Yes, the hacker-tattoo girl Rooney Mara being really daring to wear the iconic three buns that Rey had. Maybe a kind of self-compensation for not being able to star in the SW franchise, hm?
  5. Jennifer Lawrence - yes, simple and blonde and a lob but it is so nice and elegant, isn’t it?

To sum up, all the hairdos were amazing, I’d pick them all.

While we mostly talk about the fair sex, men were also very impressive. I am talking about the gorgeous curls of Allesandro Michele, Jared Leto - no bun, huh? And why not the kid Jacob Tremblay, who absolutely rocks?

This ceremony is never a disappointment.

The Easy Way to Hack The Prettiest Oscars Red Carpet Hairstyle


Rachel McAdams chic Oscars hairstyle: Get the look


Spring 2016 Hair Trends


I barely believe it but winter is coming to an end and the Spring has just begun. With the change in season we get a change in hairstyles. So let’s try and predict what do is gonna rock Spring 2016.

  1. I hear natural looks are a go. Which means, if you have curls or waves, do not straighten them. If mother nature has gifted you with straight hair, do not use curling irons or products to unstraighten it. If it’s brown, don’t dye blonde. What I mean is, let it be. We are beautiful the way we are.
  2. Bangs are gonna be a thing. Do not tame them, just be creative and try it. If you had a fringe before, you can always go with it again, wearing it differently than the last time.
  3. Tiaras, bands, ribbons, pins. Go wild, shop for accessories. Compliment your hair with something metallic or shiny.
  4. Being bold with unusual and bright colors. Do not be afraid to make sharp changes.
  5. And the last one will be - ta-dah - braids. The never dying, never old “mermaid” vibe. Oh, it’s so on!

To conclude, we’ll be back in May to see, which trend really checked out and blew away Spring 2016.

Spring 2016 Hair Trends

Ariana vs Kim


Ok, Grande kinda surprised me by leaving behind the high pony and attending Seacrest’s show with boxer braids, just like Kim Kardashian.

I am thinking, not everyone can pull the “badass” look, but Ariana totally did.

And what do you think? Who wears it better? Petite Grande - pardon the oxymoron - or chic Kardashian?

Ariana Grande Wears Boxer Braids Just Like Kim Kardashian