Jennifer Lawrence: the girl with the braid that everyone wanted to have

By Izabella Ghantarjyan

What is it that pops up in your mind, when I say “Jennifer Lawrence?”

Is it Katniss Everdeen – the Mockingjay of the crappy-future-slave-world revolution? Or is it Mystique – now the symbol of the mutant power, the heroine for most people? Maybe you liked eccentric Rosalyn from “American hustle?”. Or Serena? Or some other role entirely?

Well, no matter which Jennifer’s character you like, it is obvious that Katniss Everdeen is the part young Jennifer is recognized by. However, her first role that you may remember was in the TV-series “Medium,” her first Oscar nomination was for “Winter’s bone” and  the role that I first saw her in was Raven in “First class”. “Hunger Games” came only a year later.

Just like the characters Jennifer plays, her looks and hairdos are diverse and many. Since her early twenties, at the start of her career J-Law, let’s just say, rocked different shades of blonde on long hair. It is earthy and beautiful and it is really good on her. So many blonde looks, all so pretty.

Here is one of my favorites.



Then, with the “Hunger games” hysteria still somewhere in the foreseeable future, Jen took out her new brunette hair for the David Letterman’s show appearance in late May 2011.

She immediately started winning over millions of fans of the “Other Twilight” book trilogy, who were previously pissed for having a blonde actress play their favorite character with iconic dark brown braided hair.

Ah, yes, the braid.

Like last year’s and this year’s Rey’s triple bun, Jen’s tight Dutch braid made it to the streets in an instant and has appeared on the heads of many girls and women since then. It was beautiful, it was everywhere! And it may look effortless, but it is really not.

Let’s have a close look at Jen’s braid one more time.





Isn’t it inspiring? I think it is.

Actually, if we take a look at future hairdos, we can concur that Jen really likes braids. And they like her back.





Since 2012 it’s been a real battle for Lawrence. Shooting for the HG and other movies in-between, she had to change her hair a lot. From blonde to almost red, then back to dark brown, shorter cuts, wavy looks, highlighting, then back again to blonde, then once more brown for the final HG movie…

Yes, a challenge.

And she did really good. With the HG trilogy completed and an Oscar she earned, Lawrence returned to her earlier blonde looks and her latest one is really nice too. See for yourselves.


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