Miley Cyrus: The girl who changes a lot

By Izabella Ghantarjyan


Remember that sweet innocent girl with long curls?

Well, we can say without much thought that she’s not there anymore.

But before talking about the “mature” look, let’s remember what Miley looked like in the early years of her career.

The evolution of Miley’s hair started from the fake blond in “Hannah” and then changed over the years with her strongly experimenting with color and form.



Miley had her natural brown changed to blond (straight and curls, fringe, no fringe), then a darker shade of brown, longer and the “more hair” do.

In 2007, she had that sleek lighter look and a year after that she really outdid herself with the darkest of them all – was it Aguilera inspired or not – we don’t know but we can call it straight up black, am I right?

And, oh my, the curls!



Later in the same year, she went “red” and took some of it off.

I really liked that look myself. Very nice and proportionate.

Still, 2008 will always be remembered by the bangs, which are gone but loved soooo much.

In 2012, she cut her hair really short and in the 60’s style, hello, retro curls which then again was a bit different, sleeker, and blunter.

As you can see Miley did a lot with her hair, sometimes the changes were radical in length and color (try to change from black to red or blonde – not easy!), sometimes not that much, but still it was all “old” Miley trying to find the perfect look, the do that was all “her”.

I can’t say for sure if the new image was really her or not, but she sure made a lot of noise in late 2012.

The shortest of them all and really really blonde. Risky business, I say, but with a twist, eh?



Comes in variations. Like styled on the side or with a MAXXX volume on top, with darker roots, spiky, the mohawk, of course, let’s not forget about that.

All these practically in the same color but so different in style. More punk, then more glam again with two buns on top, then again slightly different and again, and again... Can you even document all of that?

And when we really thought that punk bleached Miley was going to stick with us some more, she surprised us again after all the extravaganza returning to old Myleyself. And I must say, I missed this.

Is it a wig again or not, is she growing her hair out or not, is it gonna be brunette, green, or bright red with a splash of blue or shaved clean – no one knows.

2016 barely started and I am certain that there are still Miley surprises coming our way.

She had many looks, some good and some not so much but personally I admire the girl – I mean, she really, really, REALLY tried them all!


And if you are as adventurous and brave as our girl Miley, you should try some of her looks. We will help you select the look that will be perfect for you. Just call us, visit our place and we’ll do the rest!