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Movies are a fantastic source to find new makeup, fashion and hair inspiration. 


Tweaking a Style to Fit You:

Yes, the exact hairstyle you stumble across in a movie may not exactly fit your lifestyle.


Social media portrays quite an alternative view to that of real life, and it doesn’t help when our favorite stars have a variety of wigs and faux bangs to be able to change their hair at a whim.

When it doesn’t work, they just alter their hairdo or mix up the color.

However, those with a more limited budget may have to settle on their chosen style, despite how unflattering it may appear.


So just how are the 2017 hair trends transitioning off the red...


What is it that pops up in your mind, when I say “Jennifer Lawrence?”

Is it Katniss Everdeen – the Mockingjay of the crappy-future-slave-world revolution? Or is it Mystique – now the symbol of the mutant power, the heroine for most people? Maybe you liked eccentric Rosalyn from “American hustle?”. Or Serena? Or some other role entirely?

Dear ScarJo once started as Colin Firth’s inspiration in “The girl with the pearl earring” and since then changed her look a lot (mostly for the parts she played, but still) but the role she’s remembered by and loved above all others (including, me) is the sly, brave S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff aka the Black window. 

And, of course, her slightly curly bright red bob. 

A perfect combination together with a tight costume and ninja skills, don’t you think?




We've had an awesome photo shoot with Tatiana Lumiere Photography, stay tuned for the results!

Solaris Hair Salon and Tatiana Lumiere Photography ( had a very productive and fun photoshoot session, thanks to all the models and stylists!  

The photoshoot was a great success - we've had a lot of fun and took many beautiful pictures. Thanks everybody for the hard work and dedication! Now - stay tuned for the new pictures and other events to come!