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When speaking of famous people (celebrities, in general) and their looks, we must always remember one thing: every famous person has one look that is, in a way, his or her brand.

In other words, it’s the makeup, dress, costume, or hairdo by which that person is recognized and remembered through time.

With most people, it is something extravagant, catchy, or sharp but with this girl it’s all about being glam and simple at the same time.



Remember that sweet innocent girl with long curls?

Well, we can say without much thought that she’s not there anymore.

But before talking about the “mature” look, let’s remember what Miley looked like in the early years of her career.

The evolution of Miley’s hair started from the fake blond in “Hannah” and then changed over the years with her strongly experimenting with color and form.


It just so happened that Solaris Salon found itself unexpectedly close to the world of CrossFit:

The salon’s webmaster Oleg and his wife Jessi, who is also a Solaris model, belong to CrossFit Penn’s Landing.

Solaris’s favorite photographer, Tatiana Lumiere, and her husband Alex are also members of CrossFit King Of Prussia.

Some of our athletes will even compete in the CrossFit Games.




We've had an awesome photo shoot with Tatiana Lumiere Photography, stay tuned for the results!

Solaris Hair Salon and Tatiana Lumiere Photography ( had a very productive and fun photoshoot session, thanks to all the models and stylists!  

The photoshoot was a great success - we've had a lot of fun and took many beautiful pictures. Thanks everybody for the hard work and dedication! Now - stay tuned for the new pictures and other events to come!