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6. Coiffing your tresses

Nowadays your coiffure serves as a sign of foppish charm and fashionable touch.

Abandon your provincial groomers and rather seek out estimable citified hair architects. Spare no expense for a stylish hairdo and every day try out which one suits your face the best.

Use yellow, grey, pink and white face powder.

Daub and grease your hair with pomades and scent out which one of...


My barber is better than your barber! Make a Yoda, my barber can.

Our men's stylist Albert is an aspiring sculptor. He wanted to do something special to Jessi West, a friend of the Salon and our Webmaster's wife for helping to organize our last photoshoot as well as being a Solaris Model. When he learned that Jessi is a big Star Wars fan, he decided to make her a personal Yoda.

He can make something special for you too - stop by to get your hairstyle and speak to Albert! He...


Exciting news! Our 2016 wall calendar is coming - featuring our beautiful Solaris Models wearing some of our favorite updos and othe styles by Solaris Hair Salon's stylists!

Photographs by our friend and partner Tatiana Lumiere of Tatiana Lumiere Photography.

Almost a half of the batch is pre-sold already, but you can still get yours for $15, send us a message if you'd like to reserve one. 


By Katherine Fritz, a Philadelphia costume designer who writes regularly for MTV Style:


As the cold weather creeps in around Philadelphia, it's temping to let the gloom take over and the hibernation set in. It can be hard to feel like your best self with a red nose, icy fingertips, or split ends.

Rather than spending winter in the land of the messy bun...




We've had an awesome photo shoot with Tatiana Lumiere Photography, stay tuned for the results!

Solaris Hair Salon and Tatiana Lumiere Photography ( had a very productive and fun photoshoot session, thanks to all the models and stylists!  

The photoshoot was a great success - we've had a lot of fun and took many beautiful pictures. Thanks everybody for the hard work and dedication! Now - stay tuned for the new pictures and other events to come!