Popular Hair Trends of 2017 – Taking Style To The Streets

By Michelle Tupy

It is easy to get inspired by all the modern trends which crop up every year, and 2017 is no different.

Browsing Pinterest and Instagram, and the abundance of glamour magazines on the market, there are so many fun and interesting hairstyles that it is hard to choose which one to adopt.



Social media portrays quite an alternative view to that of real life, and it doesn’t help when our favorite stars have a variety of wigs and faux bangs to be able to change their hair at a whim.

When it doesn’t work, they just alter their hairdo or mix up the color.

However, those with a more limited budget may have to settle on their chosen style, despite how unflattering it may appear.


So just how are the 2017 hair trends transitioning off the red carpet? Which ones are making the seamless move from the catwalk to the street?




Ombre is a fashion trend which has been very popular over the years.

But, unless the hair is well-maintained, it can often seem like a dye job gone horribly wrong.

The ombre method can flatter all hair types when colored professionally and suits all lengths. Bright colorful ombre hairdos are very popular, and are often referred to as a ‘colombre’.

Again, this can be more miss than hit if not carried out by a professional.




Sombre stands for ‘subtle ombre’ and is extremely chic right now.

It is not as much of a contrast of colors as the ombre trend and provides a more natural blend.

This style is much easier to replicate off the red carpet, coming across as more of a natural fade.

There is definitely less room for disaster with this hairdo. Remember that sometimes less is indeed more!




Bangs may have appeared charming when you were in third grade but be warned, they are not for everyone.

And the shorter or blunter they go, the riskier they tend to be.

Whimsical and charming may define this haircut, but if you go too short for your frame, then awkward might be the defining word.

If you find you are getting stares or negative comments, then you might want to pin it up out of the way until it grows back into a more fashionable length.




Yes, you got it - green!

Green was touted to be the prominent hair trend for 2017, but unless your hair is in tip top condition and styled well, you could end up looking like a chia pet!

If you do opt for this colored craze, then whatever you do, please refrain from dying your eyebrows to match. It may work on the runway, but off, well…you be the judge!


Modern Mullet


Also known as the ‘momu’, the throwback haircut of the modern mullet seems to work in very limited circumstances.

It might look great on the stage with well-defined makeup, but take this one to the supermarket, and you may regret it.

It’s an obvious nod to the 80s, and like other fashion trends such as the scrunchies, rat tails, and side ponytails, that is where it should stay!

Ellen probably agrees too!


Hair Accessories


Embellishing hair is big on the runway and the red carpet at the moment, and can really enhance an outfit.

From ornate barrettes to jeweled headbands, clever placement can add extra emphasis to a ‘do’, particularly for special occasions.

But there is such a thing as too much bling – err on the side of caution to avoid coming across as ridiculous.

And unless you are under seven years of age, or enjoy the status of nobility, you might want to skip the tiaras.


Wet Look


The wet look can be very appealing under the right circumstances.

However, turn up to the workplace wearing this style, and your boss may think you just jumped out of the shower.

Hair gel or wax can be a girl’s best friend, and it is extremely sophisticated when done well.

Use the gel sparingly as you may end up dressing like a displaced mermaid.