Scarlett Johansson: Black widow no more

Dear ScarJo once started as Colin Firth’s inspiration in “The girl with the pearl earring” and since then changed her look a lot (mostly for the parts she played, but still) but the role she’s remembered by and loved above all others (including, me) is the sly, brave S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff aka the Black window. 

And, of course, her slightly curly bright red bob. 

A perfect combination together with a tight costume and ninja skills, don’t you think?



And then in 2014 she surprised us with her new look – the undercut, with shaved sides.

Did Miley Cyrus finally get to her? Maybe it was Ruby Rose, Scarlett wanted to resemble?

It’s a fact that over the years she tried a lot of things. It’s not like she never had short hair before, she did all right.

She had blond hair, dark hair, red hair, curls, waves, straight and sleek, longer and shorter cuts. Daring hairdos and updos for ceremonies and just for her own pleasure, but this look was something new and even the most skeptical gotta admit – it is just sooo perfect on her!

The shaved sides, the longer, brushed back top and, oh my god, would you look at that cheekbones. Yum!




The question is – do we miss the plain and simple Scarlett looks from when she was not that famous and wanted?

Do we want her to get back to something less rebellious and more like “Lost in Translation” or “Match Point” now that she’s a mother?




The pixie cut does a really good job for Scarlett and is very nice, but with the “Civil war” premiering in May, I wonder if we will get to see more Natasha than punk? More glam?

Or maybe there is another color planned for us to see? I always thought that Scarlett rocked that pink wig in “Lost in Translation”.

And I am also dying to see this year’s Oscars and what ScarJo has in store for us.




With Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil war” coming out in May this year, I was happy to see once again the brave and unbeatable redhead spy.

Thinking about Natasha makes me realize that, perhaps, this is my favorite look of Scarlett. And I think that most readers will agree with me. Shorter or longer, straight or wavy, it is just too perfect.



For a moment there, I had hoped that there was more of Natasha to come, but since “Civil war” is the last Marvel movie that Scarlett is in for now - all we can do is only wait.

And for our viewing pleasure - let’s have a look at the still-a-tad punk, still incredibly good-looking ScarJo on the Cosmopolitan’s May 2016 issue cover, trying for, perhaps, the most important part a woman can play: being a mom.

And while you’re at it – you can always try Scarlett’s hairstyles. Just make a reservation and we’ll give you the dream makeover of Scarlett. Add an advice on makeup and a fantastic hairdo is guaranteed!