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When any special event comes, a woman can’t imagine herself without the perfect, sophisticated hairstyle that advantageously underlines her look.

There are many of techniques for a perfect updo - from classics like ballerina buns or a French twist, to more modern alternatives like braided updos, beehives, or even bouffant hair bumps!


Updo hairstyles can be anything: elegant, romantic, funky, or even all of the above.

The Classics: Bun Updos


A bun hairstyle is created by pulling hair back, away from the face, and wrapping it in a circular motion and then securing it with ties or hairpins.

A bun can be created in various places on the head - high on top, like a ballerina, or lower on the back of the crown.

Buns can be made with braided hair as well as smoothed hair in one lock.

Updo bun hairstyles for prom can also incorporate hair jewelry and accessories like tiaras.

This is a great hairstyle for thin hair, as it can be worn tight and sleek against the scalp


Solaris Hair Salon Bun Updo



Buns can be made with braided hair as well as smoothed hair in one lock.

More than one bun can be worn at a time, as well.

Because the bun updo pulls all of your hair up and away from the face and neck, it is also a perfect summer hairdo to cope with the effects of heat and humidity.


Solaris Hair Salon Bun Updo


The Classics: French Twist


The French twist is a very common hairdo.

To achieve this look, your stylist gathers your hair into a low, unsecured ponytail and twists it upwards until it has fully turned in on itself.

The look is finished and secured with barrettes, combs, or hairpins.

A popular choice for brides on their wedding day, the French twist is simple and keeps hair away from the face as a wedding updo.


Solaris Hair Salon French Twist Updo



Solaris Hair Salon French Twist Updo



As a classic formal updo, more ornate hair jewelry can be added to the French twist to accentuate the delicate nature of the style.

French twist combs are used to secure the hair and are often designed to be viewed as a hair accessory, as well.

As an updo hairstyle for short hair, a French Twist can be made with teased hair for a fuller look

The Classics: Chignon


As a very regal style, the chignon comes to us from the women of ancient Greece. Today, the royalty of the world consistently rely on this style when seeking out a perfect hairdo.

This timeless look is achieved by smoothing the hair and pinning it in a variety of knots at the nape of the neck.

A variety of hair jewelry, clips, and barrettes can be incorporated into this look and it pairs well with sleek evening gowns or sexy cocktail dresses for a more pin up hairstyle vibe.


Solaris Hair Salon Chignon Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Chignon Updo



Taylor Swift’s hair has been styled into a low chignon on the red carpet several times when she wants a mature and polished look.

Jennifer Lawrence hair has also rocked a chignon on the red carpet.

The Classics: Rolled


A rolled updo is achieved by rolling the hair into itself and securing at the base of the neck.

This is a popular look to pair with a sleek evening gown for a special event or even for your wedding day.

Often seen on the red carpet, rolled hairstyles can evoke elegance to those who wear them.


Solaris Hair Salon Rolled Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Rolled Updo



An almost princess hairstyle, this regal updo can also incorporate hair jewelry in a subtle, understated way.  

This quick updo hairstyle is suitable for a variety of formal events including prom and weddings, especially as a bridesmaids hairstyle.  

Kate Middleton’s hair for her wedding was half rolled under her veil.  This was a great, versatile option for the royal wedding because, at her reception, she was able to let the rolled locks loose and let her hair down.

The Modern Alternatives: Braided


If you are looking for the most intricate and versatile kind of updo, braids are a perfect choice.  

From your classic milkmaid braid to a more contemporary fishtail braid, your options are truly limitless.  

As a great hairstyle for long hair with bangs, this is one of the easiest ways to incorporate bangs into a look.  

This is also a perfect hairstyle for curly hair, as unruly strands are all secured within the braid, or celebrated as part of the texture of this updo’s look.

Braided updos are also popular Pinterest hairstyles, and we can work from a picture of any look you would like.  



Solaris Hair Salon Braided Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Braided Updo



Looking for updos for prom with braids?  Our braided looks are ever so popular during prom and wedding season, as they can be the most elegant and feminine hairstyles to go with a sexy prom dress.  

The braided updo can be customized to look sexy or as more of a cute prom hairstyle.  

A braided updo also works great as a prom hairstyle for thin hair, as the braids can be teased to get more body in the hair of this look.  

Our stylists complete these hairstyles step by step very carefully to give you the desired level of detail for your look.

The Modern Alternatives: Bouffant Hair Bump


Hair bouffants have been popular for decades, even more increasingly so in recent years with the use of trendy hair bump tools.  

A great on-the-go style, this type of updo keeps all of the hair up and away from the face and neck.  If you want to keep it retro with this hairstyle, pair it with a vintage sixties-inspired swing dress.  

A bouffant updo can be worn with a strapless prom dress or a strapless wedding dress.  


Solaris Hair Salon Hair Bouffants



Solaris Hair Salon Hair Bouffants


As one of Beyonce’s hairstyles when she wants to wear a great updo, this keeps her hair tamed and out of her face.  

Kim Kardashian’s hair has also been styled into a half-up half-down bouffant look for the red carpet.  

This hairstyle can even work as a sleek prom updo for an elegant look.  

As a hairstyle for a round face, this updo can shift the eye upward, elongating your natural lines.

The Modern Alternatives: Half-up Half-down


The half-up half-down look is a great updo for long, cascading hair, or with hair extensions.  

Aspects of other updos (like bumps or pony tails) are used to build the top, polished portion, of this hairstyle, while the rest of the hair is left down for a sexy vibe.  

This look is great for prom hairstyles down and curly.  

Worn by many celebrities, we can give you a Carrie Underwood hairstyle with a top bouffant and long curly locks.


Solaris Hair Salon Half-up Half-down Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Half-up Half-down Updo



An Ariana Grande hairstyle with a half-up ponytail is perfect for thick hair and can fill out your silhouette with cascading waves.  

Pippa Middleton’s hairstyle for the royal wedding was half-up half-down with a low bun and hair accessories.  

As great updo for sideswept bangs, we can easily incorporate bangs into this hairstyle.


The Modern Alternatives: Beehive


If you are looking for updo hairstyles for long hair, or updo hairstyles for work, look no further than a modern take on the classic beehive!  

A look originating from back in the 60s, beehives have made a resurgence in popular culture today through the likes of Amy Winehouse’s hair and Mad Men hairstyles.  

A beehive is technically a larger, more exaggerated bouffant.  

To achieve this look, hair is piled on top of the head in a round, cone like shape and smoothed over in a swirl.  


Solaris Hair Salon Beehive Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Beehive Updo



Popularized in the 1960s originally, many celebrities and musicians wear this style today to show off their personalities on the stage and on the screen.  

This can be styled as an updo hairstyle with extensions or with long hair.  

Looking for an updo for thin hair?  A beehive hairstyle can be achieved through teasing to give the illusion of full, thick hair.


The Modern Alternatives: Twists


Perfect for cute prom hairstyles, twisted updos work great on short or medium length hair and create a fun, playful look.  

Small locks of hair are twisted together and secured with hairpins to achieve this look.  

Hair can be secured at different points on the head for different looks.  

A twisted hairstyle is a great updo for natural hair, as it works with the innate textures of your strands.  



Solaris Hair Salon Twisted Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Twisted Updo



This can also be styled as an updo with a headband - just one of several ways we can accessorize this look.  

This is a great updo for thick hair and thin hair, because the twists can be layers and added on top of to complete the look.  

Twisted updos can incorporate braids and buns, making it a great option for hairstyles for longer hair.


The Modern Alternatives: Knots


Don’t let the word “knot” scare you, this look is not going to give you tangles!  

For a complex yet effortless look, a messy knotted updo is the perfect hairstyle.  

Made by knotting locks of hair together, this hairstyle is perfect for bridesmaids.  

It can also be sleek and elegant enough for more formal events.  


Solaris Hair Salon Knot Updos



Solaris Hair Salon Knot Updos



This great wedding updo or unique prom hairstyle, any knotted updo can be dressed up to suit your event.  

A messy updo made with hair knots can be perfect for a boho wedding hairstyle with a vintage boho wedding dress.  

Or, for an Elsa inspired prom hairdo, the knotted updo can incorporate side braids to match a sparkly ice blue Frozen prom dress.

The Modern Alternatives: Movie Inspired Updos


Fashion and hairstyles are often pushed by the latest movies, actresses, and celebrities.  

From contemporary movie hits to the classics, using an actress as inspiration can transform your look.  

Elsa hairstyles from Frozen and Katniss braids from The Hunger Games are currently very popular and intricate updos.  

Using long hair or extensions, the hair is made into a thick, chunky braid that falls on one side of the head. 


Solaris Hair Salon Movie Inspired Updo



Solaris Hair Salon Movie Inspired Updo



One example of classic updo inspiration is Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyle from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  

This classy, sleek look is achieved by piling the hair high on the head and adding some hair accessories or hair jewelry to complete the look.  

If you’re looking for that classic, romantic look, or something to go with ball gown prom dresses, the Audrey Hepburn updo is perfect for you.

If you want to go into full character, like a Princess Leia hairstyle, for example, our hairstylists can create the perfect double bun look.

If you’re looking to emulate pin up styles or any other looking found in print or TV, our stylists can work with you to achieve it.  

Working from your source of inspiration, our stylists can create a dreamy, movie inspired hairstyle that will complete your look.  

Sparkle Hair Tinsel


If you are looking to add a little accent to any updo, Solaris Hair Salon stylists can integrate sparkle hair tinsel to your hairstyle.  

Tinsel is perfect for all kinds of occasions including holidays, birthdays, prom, or just for fun!  

Hair tinsel can be applied and then styled into any variety of our prom updos or wedding hairstyles for effortless sparkle.  

Solaris offers a variety of sparkling colors to choose from and can even be styled using heat tools up to 400F.


Solaris Hair Salon Updo with Sparkle Hair Tinsel



Solaris Hair Salon Updo with Sparkle Hair Tinsel


Hair tinsel once applied can stay on your hair for a couple weeks with proper care.

The gorgeous hair jewelry collection is available for purchase in our salon.

It’s a great addition to your hairstyle, a way to stand out at events in the greater Philadelphia area, or a perfect gift for your family and friends.


Solaris Hair Salon in the Philadelphia suburbs offers updos for every hair type and texture and with hair extensions or hair accessories.

There are no limitations to any hairstyle and each can be customized to give you exactly the look you want. It’s all about imagination and creativity!