What We Do

More and more folks find something of value here - creative, top quality hair design for sure, but also Sunless Tanning for those so inclined, and the most recent addition - massage services by an award winning massage therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Please ask about our new services when you speak with your stylist and visit our Services page.

We have great stylists who create exceptional results at competitive prices, and we’re striving to foster a friendly and hospitable environment for our patrons and their families.

Seamlessly procrastinate proactive outsourcing whereas wireless products. Progressively leverage existing 24/365 experiences through timely initiatives. Quickly facilitate frictionless ROI rather than equity invested solutions.

In spite of ongoing innovations to our attentive service, our fees have been kept in check as we’re well aware of your bottom line. We continue to emphasize value as a core component in what we offer.

We have many more changes coming up soon at the Solaris Hair Salon: various calls for models and photoshoots plus other family-friendly events, with coupons and other giveaways.

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