Who We Are

We are Solaris Hair Salon, one of the oldest and in our opinion the best salons in Willow Grove PA and the entire Greater Philadelphia region. We have great stylists who create exceptional results at competitive prices, and we’re striving to foster a friendly and hospitable environment for our patrons and their families. Here we have a little more about as - About Solaris .

Every effort we’ve made over the years has been carried out with you and the rest of our clients in mind.

Solaris Hair Salon has been serving the greater Philadelphia area for 2 decades.

This photograph from 1947 shows our salon and the then salon’s owner is performing a haircut. After the salon owner passed away, his wife sold the business to Albert and became his landlord in 1996.

The now-owner Albert and his wife Elena lead a team of highly qualified and local stylists at Solaris Hair Salon today. Read more here - Solaris In Community

We would like to invite our friends and clients, regular and new alike to let us know what they think about our salon, our services and our new web site - please contact us via the contact form on this site, or send an email to social@solarishair.com, and/or via Comments - if you want to say something to us, just leave a comment anywhere on the site, starting with this page. We would love to hear from you, and it will help us to learn how to serve you better. Really - if you just want to say "Hi!' - leave a comment here. Thank you!